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Providing apartment rental services for landlords throughout the greater Burlington area.

We provide full service apartment leasing for both local and out of state landlords.  Our services include online listings, professional photography, showing, application review, and digital lease signing.  We will coordinate with your current tenant so you don't have to.  We take the hassle out of finding your next tenant.  Our thorough application review process ensures you end up with great tenants!






There really isn’t  a whole lot of difference between the two and they follow the  same basic principals.  If you work hard and you treat people fairly, good things will come from it.  It’s not going to be overnight success but your hard work and general good nature attitude will pay off. 


A lot of my first memories as a kid were derived from weekend jobs at the apartment houses; mowing lawns, painting fences, meeting perspective tenants.  These were really my  formative years and it helped me understand the principals of being a good person and landlord.  This time was spent with my father and siblings, both bonding and learning. He would drive the old beat up pickup truck to each of the buildings with a lawn mower, weed whacker, rake, broom, and garbage bin.  We would jump out, I typically mowed, and he would start by picking up litter, then raking the leaves, and who ever got done first, would finish by weed whacking… I always thought of weed whacking as the finishing touch, not necessary, but what made the job complete.


Like any curious boy, I peppered him with questions the whole time… why don’t you hire someone to do this?  Why do you bother raking, picking up litter, and week whacking? And his answer, besides the classic line of “because I enjoy doing it” was sometimes more philosophical.  He would tell me the tenants want a nice place to live, they want a clean yard, a reasonable rent, and they wanted a landlord who cared about their properties.  And by going out and mowing the lawns himself, he was able to accomplish all those things.


I think it took a while to fully grasp what this meant  but as I got older I started to understand more what he was talking about.  By doing the chores ourselves, it saved expenses, allowing us to keep the rent affordable.  By picking up the litter and dog poop, it showed nothing or no one was beneath us. And the weed whacking was to show we cared.  Just being there every week, we noticed small problems before they came big and we built rapport with our tenants.


But I think in the end it’s just always tougher to stiff someone who is there every week, puts in the extra effort, and shows that they care.  Ultimately you want to be treated fairly and shown respect and those small gestures go a long way towards earning your tenants trust.


To this day I try to apply these principals I learned from my father.

- Eric Lafayette / Owner


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